Friday, May 7, 2010

Tucking in to a Bloomsbury Life with a spot of Rose Petal Jelly

Friday I attended a cocktail reception for my friend and fellow blogger Lisa Borgnes. The fete was in celebration of her show " Stitching up the  Noughties" held at the Acme Gallery in Beverly Hills.  Lisa composed provocative couplets which she then traditional stitched on burlap.  The samplers depict the post modern woman's many dilema's, obsessions and lifestyles. They are ironic, poetic and sublime.  Her clever ability to rhyme rubies and perky boobies had me in stitches.  

photo's by Lisa Borgnes

Lisa's blog is a constant inspiration to me. I look forward to each of her postings.

 Lisa has impeccable style, her home is as chic and warm as she is, each time I visit gives me impetius to go fix up a new corner in our house.  Often I am greeted with something decadent and special. Yummy tea, scones,and always clever conversation... Several visits back I not only walked out with a lighthouse shaped canister of Noirmoutier Sel marin she purchased while in France, but was also semi-perminently loaned a chic floral 60's dress I intend to wear this summer.  

It was Lisa that turned me on to the Fortnum and Mason rose petal jelly that  I can never get enough of.

Lisa's ability to uncover the most unique country homes is uncanny..Her last posting had me up until midnight sorting through all the homes for lease on the landmark trust site.

Another favorite was her editorialized vintage photographs of a child long ago in the English countryside.

 Recently I became so engrossed with a link to the free biography of the Marquess of Bath I nearly forgot to pick up my kids from school.

I dare you to go look... but heed my warning it is seductive -you may not return for hours

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  1. Oh Ivarene Farmer, I am so honored!, thank you for this lovely mean the world to me. Xx