Thursday, January 5, 2012

outside in

From pretty much wherever I am in our house I feel like I am outside.  Our house is mostly glass which sometimes makes us feel as if we were in a fish bowl or under the sea in a kelp bed.  To create privacy we spent several years rearranging trees and bamboo like it was furniture.  

When we moved in to our glass and concrete hillside abode, it was a gigantic modern abyss meant for a couple.  Having three children, a dog and many extra people in our lives the place felt spacious, but needed more bedrooms.  As we designed and built we brought the theme of the outside in.  

Replacing walls with windows let light and greenery in.  Timber bamboo created a kelp forrest like effect.   Grapevines entwined themselves around the bamboo- but were thankfully tidied up by my Father In Law at Thanksgiving.

Heavy bamboo branches cast beautiful green silhouettes.

Even with the shades drawn we can't escape the greenery.

A Tord Boonje fixture  creates a zoetrope like effect when spun.  Rabbits, fawns, horses and butterfly fly across the walls.

Laser cut butterly and hummingbirds hang from the windows in the girls rooms.

Cavern Blackbird wallpaper was so nice we used it twice.

Bouroullec Brothers Algue dripping from the ceiling.

Doors open or closed I never feel far from nature. 

The occasional interloper....

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