Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter Tomato Guilt

I am about to divulge a secret.  Some who are very experienced gardeners may not respect me for this...  I have been growing tomatoes all winter.  My San Marzano plant just kept on giving and before I realized it we were in February.

This variety is coveted for making Italian sauces.  You can find the cans in Whole Foods and some other high end markets.

Tomatoes are notorious for reeking havoc on soil.  After growing tomatoes, soil needs to rest and be replenished with a cover crop of something like vech or a bean.  But, I couldn't help myself.  With great sadness I pulled what was left out.  It was beautiful.  Part of it had already died, it looked like something from Ms. Havisham's wedding table.

 My own little secret garden, broken gate, hidden, fun, overgrown
Not as proudly displayed- this bed sits behind some other trees and near a path we rarely use...

I put the final tomatoes in the green house to ripen and where my beloved giver had been, I filled the gaping hole.

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  1. What a lyrical post, Ivarene Farmer. And the photos reek of glamorous decrepitude. Lovely.