Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zoku Love

For Violet's birthday last week we gifted her with the Zoku Frozen Pop Maker.  This is the most ingenious little contraption.  Not unlike a  modern ice cream maker you freeze the bottom for 24 hours then pour in your ingredients and within 9 minutes you are enjoying a lovely ice pop.

The clever innovators of this contraption also created little tools that enable the creation of magnificent works of food art.

She began quite simply by juicing oranges from our tree and pouring them in the mold - then when they were slightly frozen she extracted the middle with a special mini- baster like tool and imbibed them with silk creamer to creating a gorgeous, decadent  creamcycle.

For my frozen pop Millie juiced local lemons and limes from our neighbors tree then we added some sugar, grated ginger and our cucumbers.  A little more sophisticated and just as fun.

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