Thursday, March 29, 2012


Lone Leek

Today as I came in from the garden after foraging a lone leek volunteer from last years crop I found John preparing, with care,  a lovely luncheon.

John and I have always had a deal.  He cooks and I will clean up.
( See Crockery Chronicles)

We eat lunch together nearly every day.  John whipping up a salad with our favorite lettuces with small additions from our pantry, cheese drawer and some other magical item he makes appear.  Scavenging in our vegetable drawer usually produces additions from the garden such as freshly picked onion tops, parsley and carrot.

Monday's pickins' Carnival Carrots and Onion Tops

Hoja Santa goat cheese wrapped in Sarsaparilla leaf

Recently John purchased some items from Salumi in Seattle.  Salumi is Mario Batali's Father's cured meat business .  Some old favorites from his visits to Osteria Mozza were in the package along with some new additions.   My new favorites are "Dario"(possibly named for  the most famous butcher in the world Dario Cecchini.  Whose story might take up another post.).. full of  nutmeg, mace, and dotted with peppercorns  The Mole,with it's deep dark color is spiced with chocolate, cinnamon, ancho and chipotle peppers giving it both a kick and a bit of sweetness.

Rigging a special place to store them in our wine cellar the cellar is transformed in to a salumeria.

He skillfully adding small touches and patience he creates the perfectly balanced plate

Nearly There...

A few thin slices of my freshly baked sourdough boule...

Fresh Baked Sourdough Boule

Completed by a little bitty glass of vino...

Now I must do my part and clean.. although there is very little to do...

lunch scraps


  1. Now, that looks simply divine! How very special, yummy and beautiful.

  2. what a lovely post! if only I could have that arrangement with my husband! I'm afraid all I'd get is PB&J's and potato chips :)

  3. what can I say? yum, delicious and wonderfully inventive. You have some sexy looking vegies in your garden and that bread looks awesome. hmmmm. Thanks for sharing! Diane