Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good Goat

It came to as a text:

"Nathan is slaughtering a goat on Friday and we are roasting it on Saturday, come by after 3 to share the feast. "

 I'd been anxiously anticipating this text with a mix of horror and excitement.  In preparation of this momentous decision, Nathan, my friend Andrea's son,  had researched  and come to a conclusion of how to humanly slaughter his goat.  This was his second go at it, and from what I understood it was successful!

I briefed the family on what it meant to get to eat meat that had been raised, fed well cared for in a loving way.  "If you are going to eat meat, this is the meat to eat! "  I told them.  "Raised well, fed well and some thought on how to end it in the kindest way."

The gathering was very intimate.  Andrea, Nathan and a few close friends, including one newborn baby.

Andrea, Nathan and Lauren

I followed the smells to the kitchen where I was greeted by a bikini clad kitchen goddess- Sherrie, who was in full command of the goat.  I was met with an exotic mix of spices and fresh herbs.  Not a gamey scent to be had.

She had prepared Goat Five ways:

There was goat soup with beans and greens

Goat  leg with Indian Spices

Herb de Kenter Canyon leg

Riblets served with a side of bar-b-que sauce were so tender you could eat the whole thing.

 The back was quickly put in to the outside pizza oven and roasted to perfection and served as rare medallions of goat.

 The feast was bountifully laden with salads, and sides of every color and flavor

In complete indecision of which was my favorite I descended upon the feast sampling each one slowly and then going round for seconds on each.

Loaves of fresh baked sourdough and potato bread were carved and helped to soak up the juices and soup.

John brought two beautiful bottles of red to drink with the meal:
A 2005 Glaetzer Amon-Ra Barossa Valley Shiraz 
A 2002 Plumpjack Cabernet Sauvignon Estate

and of course no spectacular meal is complete without the desert....

As with most good parties- everyone ends up in the kitchen- This one was no exception.

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