Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Culture of Starters Part 1

It has been just a year since my life was changed by a little tiny jar of sourdough starter gifted to me by the legendary Andrea Crawford of Kentor Canyon Farms.

We spent the day in her kitchen with several other friends.  The space is enviable : Double high ceilings, double ovens, double dishwashers.  Her kitchen always smells delicious. Bowls of fresh farm produce abound and she generously fills bags of it for her guests to take with.

Giant bowls of dough framed by the gorgeous room

 I have taken home peppers, lemons, avocados and pommogranite not to mention the the odd gourds Andrea gave to my girls resembling giant green poison apples.  I was given two beautiful swanlike effigies  grown by her husband and partner Robert.

ingredients for things to come
Andrea Goddess of Domesticity
Bowls of local ingredients

The day began with Andrea's home roasted freshly milled strong coffee, followed by a lesson in levain, and bread making.   Pausing only to eat a perfect lunch in her garden of salad and butternut squash soup she effortlessly threw together.   

Gorgeous soup whipped up for luncheon
Kentor Canyon Greens, warm bread, homemade honey butter

learning the techniques 

no need- indeed

The day ended with perfect rounds of fresh warm bread to go.

Two rounds of bread perfectly baked

Gifting me her starter and sending me on my way with linen index cards perfectly inscribed with her master recipe from Tartine Cookbook my brain hurt from all the new information and a bit of doubt.

Ok, I know- I know.. is there anything this woman doesn't know how to do?  I'm going to find out!


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