Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Eames La Chaise Chair- finally close enough to sit in

I can only think of what it must be like to be a vegetarian but love to eat meat.  This is the comparison I draw when after living in a giant minimal house for 9 years we have moved on to a small, cluttery, warm and cosy house.  I have been on a clutter free diet for 9 years, and missed my belongings.

We are in the process of downsizing from our enormous nearly 6000 square foot home to our temporary abode, the 1300 square foot  guest house of Ivarene Farms.

Our dinning room surrounded by The Hollywood Dell
Breakfast on the patio

Although space is compact inside I have the glorious gardens and Hollywood Dell surrounding me.
moving is exhausting

We are physically closer enjoying each other in new found ways
Our new space, which we resided in during our 2008 remodel is familiar and comfortable.
For the first time in so many years I living in close proximity to my belongings, which were spread throughout our enormous house.  The children were smaller and we hadn't aquired quite so many kitchen tools.

My things!!
Some of my treasures close enough to cherish

I think I prefer a bit of clutter over sparse minimalism.

The garden is on hold this summer due to circumstances beyond our control, which will be explained in detail in the coming months.

The peach tree seems quite happy and the avocado tree  provided about 30 small gems

One has to continue to eat.....

The cooking continues

 Our new house doesn't allow me the exercise of scaling stairs, instead we live intimately together, steps away from the kitchen are the bedrooms.  Sharing one lovely bathroom rather than 4.  We are practicing patience and respect for each other in a new way.

Happily we embark on a new chapter with older children, little or no albatross and great adventure ahead.

The lesson:  Smaller is better.  Smaller life= more freedom.

Stay tuned for more from the semi-dormant Crockery Chronicles...