Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day one- This year I promise to eat one thing from my garden per day. Keeping me from my compulsion to buy new beautiful things my habit, my right and my former occupation... I have put my energy in to my garden and new green house, which at the moment is perched awaiting it's domestic transformation.
So far my 4 beds have provided peas, broccoli, carrots,a multitude of gorgeous little lettuces,flowers,oranges,lemons,chard,kale, and some funny things growing that I think I planted last summer- either zucchini,musk melon or possibly cucumber- I'm awaiting their maturity.
Son just walked by in full tactical assault gear, how can I be channelling green with Rambo in the house? Ok, the b.b's are biodegradable....Ignore, ignore- green, sustainability,reduce, reuse, recycle...


  1. Yippee ki yay, mother farmer! My favorite fashionista in the Hollywood Hills has started a blog...I'm already obsessed and am adding you to my bloglist now... xxx

  2. Thanks Lisa! You are my inspiration and am in constant awe of your glamourous life and all you do.