Sunday, January 31, 2010

Todays local faire: Juicy English pea pods

Once picked the fat, juicy pea pods were nearly completely devoured by children before they could reach the kitchen . We investigated what had transpired in the past day in the garden, the mystery plant revealed a green striped orb- Perhaps it is squash? The cauliflower is blooming in pastel shades of violet,green and yellow- I wonder if they will be bitter or have a buttery flavor? As in the past I don't want to wait too long to pick or they will be sacrificed to the snails and bugs that I cannot find, but am certain they are stalking my garden...

Violet and her friend discovered a giant dandelion living amongst the peas and managed to trace it's stem the the dirt and pluck it out revealing a giant hole in the dirt and about 10oz. of beautiful soil.

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