Friday, January 29, 2010

The pie and the patty pan

Ok, first my manifesto: I will eat at least one thing each day that I can pick from my garden this year.
Manifesto accomplished- 29 days in to the year .

I promise not to prattle on endlessly about my beautiful kale and sexy pea tendrills... and because of my love of design, fashion and what I consider beautiful I will prattle on about anything I like- so take that! Somewhat intimidated by all the beautiful blogs out there- and a bit self conscious, here I go..
Wish me luck

I learned to garden growing up - my Mom and Dad spend their days in the garden of their beautiful home in Portland, Oregon they made it seem as effortless and natural as breathing. I remember spending damp afternoons capturing smoke in glass jars while my Dad composted and burned leaves in our yard- something unheard of these days. Going in for a lunch of mock turtle soup,liverwurst, baked beans and homemade rhubarb- grown in the garden and a staple in our house, something like sour apple sauce with pink tendrils running through it.


  1. I am so impressed. Will you be my garden guru?

  2. Gaasp! I don't know if I am breathing at the moment. What an honor...