Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haut Technology

In my past life I worked fashion stylist.  Eventually retiring in to domestic bliss with a fantasy that raising children must be an easier life.  Since I have always loved fashion I have not completely forsaken it for housewifedom. 
This past weekend as I settled in to the New York times style section on my computer I felt nostalgic, the way you do when musing about child birth.  I longed for my old glamorous life of travel, free clothing, handbags galore- not to mention  prime seats at the collections.  My trips to New York Fashion Week were exhausting but very informative.   I would return from my journey with notes scribbled down on pads of Pantone" palate of the moment" paper given out at the front of each tent.   Once home, I would do my best to decipher them until the vhs copies and look books arrived some weeks later. Sitting now in my  pajamas with a steaming cup of coffee for my own private viewing of New York Fashion week I felt grateful for this technology that did not exist 12 years ago. Back in my day hardly anyone  used e-mail so there were expensive long distance bills while put on hold in London or Paris. These days my life is a bit less glamorous, full of much more technology  and a lot less fashion , but  I still have a great appreciation for the artistry and work that goes in to each collection.
On to the shows!  I savored each of the pieces wishing them to be mine right now!
 Marc Jacobs golden hued chiffon dresses and Mongolian lamb furry jackets not forgetting his evening gown collection at the end of the show the designs are simple but fabricated from spun fairy thread.

                                         Marc Jacobs fall 2010 gown

Rodarte' the local Pasadena sisters who create the most exquisite pieces of wearable art did not disappoint.  Layered light textured pieces were wrapped and draped giving them a punky light vintage feel.  Each piece looks like a wearable piece of art. 

                                Rodarte's layered look for fall 2010

At Burburry, the show was streamed live to four places throughout the world viewers were given special 3-D glasses a'la' Avatar.  More technology...  I enjoyed mine without the glasses but wish I could have reached out to if just to touch the buckle covered black leather boots for just a moment....
I thought about how advanced this is to be able to peruse the shows in over and over again obsessing on the little nuances all the while wearing pajamas!  Immediately I needed to change my clothes..... I wanted to wear what they were wearing.. Did I own anything that might make me feel satisfied?  Was there something in my archives?  When I was a stylist I often had the most spectacular pieces in my possession for days, I would unwrap the delicate tissue papered boxes as the Fed -Ex man was still unloading his truck.  While hanging  them up, I would inspect them for damage, and occasionally try them on, all in the name of research for my clients of course.  Sometimes I fell hard for a piece and might inquire politely about it,  and if I was lucky, I might be given the piece at the end of the season or could purchase it for a song...Most of the time when I went to my closet there was something to wear.  These days of careful purchases don't give me the same satisfaction.

                                           " My Precious"
                                           A gift from Richard Tyler

Finally, I was happily surprised by Mary- Kate and Ashley Olson's new collection the Row.  It is simple and chic and quite expensive.  The collection is named for Savile Row.  A street in the Mayfair area of  London where the rich and royal have their suits made in a traditional style for more than 150 years.  Each suit taking upwards of 60 hours and many fittings to construct.  Sundance Channel recently aired a  three part series on Saville Row. The first episode had the traditionally competive tailors band together in opposition to Abercrombie and Fitch purchase of a historic building on the street and opening shop.  Bespoke tailors of Savile Row might not appreciate the nod to them by the Olson twins, but I love it!

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