Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunday Supper

Last nights 3 + hour Tenacious D benefit for Haiiti still perfuming my hair I'm beginning to feel a fog set in. My 6am soy latte has ceased to give me any support and I now feel ready for cup of brewed coffee. The brewing of coffee is a subject that we have given much thought to. Having tested an assortment of contraptions and techniques, we are most pleased with the Chemex coffee maker. John recently discovered the roasting machine at The Oaks Market he states it's a rather annoying and time consuming task to go and bare witness to the actual roasting-but the coffee is unique and delicious.

The fog lifting, I am recollecting our Sunday supper of "Barbecued Skirt Steak with Endive alla piastra and Salsa Verde" another fantastic recipe from John's new Babbo cookbook. As you might recall the festering beet and onion concoction was prepared on Saturday night and by Sunday it sufficiently tart, and ready for our forthcoming supper. John rubbed the meat with olive oil, thyme and rosemary from our garden and cozily tucked in to a dish to relax and get yummy while we went about our day. At dusk the bar-b-que was lit and grilling commenced!

When the five of us settled in to our plates- each one bearing varying degree's of bravery- Of course Millie tried only the steak with NOTHING touching anything else- Violet more brave with pickles, steak and endive. Otis loving each thing he tried. John and I happily eating and drinking at last...John enjoyed left overs for two days enjoying the sides with other entrees. Vanessa putting the salsa verde on her garbanzo bean cakes.
Another successful delicious recipe.

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  1. Hail to the the Green Queen of Hollywood Dell ...Every word crafted with the same loving touch you have for your relationship with your kitchen garden...keep us in your spell....

    We cannot wait for your book...your writing style reminds us so much of Peter Mayle, when he gifted us all those glorious word pictures of his life in Provence...aml